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Beyond Face

Beyond Face CIC is a performance company based in Plymouth, UK, whose mission is to raise the profile and visibility of Black, Asian and ethnically diverse people in the Arts. The company engages with professionals, young people and communities in a variety of outlets. We create high quality professional performances which we tour across the UK, as well as deliver workshops, training and support for developing artists, young people, businesses and educational institutions.

Not Trending Anymore

Black is coming,

I want you to take it in…

I want you to think about the fact that we made history.

You are not just a minority,

You stand as a metaphor for change.

Engulfed by the sea of universal reflection,

Now is the time for redemption.

This is for the people that have stayed silent

This for the people that cried tears of trauma through a time rage

This is for the people that were left feeling estranged in their very homes.

You are not alone.

I am not alone.

It’s just a trend, It’s not a trend, It’s not actually trending anymore.

Its real life,

Shaday Barrowes-Bayewunmi

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Dom Moore Photography. Taken at The House as part of the 'We Are Here' Scratch night in February 2020
We ask, once the noise has died down, will change have happened, or will the movement not be trending anymore?

It will always be real life. Not Trending Anymore is a response to the Black Lives Matter movement which has been amplified during the Covid-19 crisis. The inequalities faced by Black people have always been there, but the lockdown has made people stop, and listen. Those who previously said ‘I’m too busy’ can no longer use this as an excuse not to hear.

We ask, once the noise has died down, will change have happened, or will the movement not be trending anymore?

This piece has been written and performed by Shaday Barrowes, with movement choreographed and performed by Kadus Smith and outside Direction from Beyond Face Artistic Director, Alix Harris.

About the Artists

Shaday Barrowes-Bayewunmi graduated from Plymouth University in 2019 and is an artist interested in the art of expression through theatre, using particular themes such as mental health, identity and race. Since graduating, Shaday has written, performed and supported numerous projects focusing on these ideals, including Finding Freedom born from a seed commission given by Beyond Face CIC and shown at Plymouth fringe 2020. Shaday has worked with different people across the UK, including Beyond Face who have been instrumental in helping her find her voice within the arts. She has also been part of the Talawa MAKE programme in collaboration with Beyond Face, providing her with the opportunity to take part in workshops led by professional black artists from across the country. As a writer, Shaday has focused on making work that connects to her cultural identity, and her diagnosis alopecia universalis.

Kadus Smith is a choreographer and director at Rhythm City Dance Studio, Beat Breakers and Soul Groovers. 11 years in the industry, teaching and performing both nationally and internationally. Danced with Eve, JLS, Flo Rida, The Game and has collaborated on many projects, which includes Barbican Theatre, Avant Garde, Breakin Convention and Beyond Face. Kadus's main focus has been on promoting men's mental health whilst pushing for more black creatives to be put onto platforms in the South West.

Not Trending Anymore was commissioned as part of The Arts Institute Covid-19 art fund, launched in June 2020, which invited artists to respond to the provocation ‘Everything has changed. Nothing has changed. Change is coming’. The series features five different art-forms and supports artists working in the South West, UK. Beyond Face was selected to represent the Theatre and Performance category.

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